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Security Features

Premium Secure cheques with EZShield® provide the highest level of defence and support

We're so confident that our state-of-the-art security features will help protect you from fraud, we're including EZShield Premium Cheque Fraud Protection with every Premium Secure cheque.

Cheque features

Front of cheque


1. Intricate Design Border

Very difficult to reproduce

2. Anti-Copy Technology

Embedded design helps prevent copier duplication

3. EZShield Fraud Protection

Extends security beyond the cheque

4. Foil Hologram

Multicoloured, dimensional foil can't be copied or scanned

5. Toner Adhesion

Print toner can't be removed from cheque without damaging it

6. Thermochromic Ink

Disappears when heat is applied

Back of cheque


1. True Watermark

Visible when held up to light but can't be copied or scanned

2. Chemical Wash Detection Area

Cheque washing attempts produce telltale stains on the paper

3. Security Screen

Visible Safeguard Secure® text, logos and pattern

Cheque images are subject to change as we continue to enhance our manufacturing and security technologies.