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Marketing Videos

Watch & Learn

Learn the Safeguard Advantage
Count on your local Safeguard Advisor for products, services and advice to manage and market your business.
OneList Plus Directory Listing Services
Get found online with help from OneList Plus directory listing service. Sign up today!
Milestone Marketing Video
One of the fastest, easiest ways to communicate with customers.
Full-Colour Printing Video
Few things make your business stand out better than marketing materials printed out in high-quality full colour.

Grow Your Business

Marketing Minute: Visibility & Awareness Video
The first installment in this marketing resource series is all about being seen in order to be successful.
Marketing Minute: Lead Generation Video
The second video in this series outlines the best ways to make the contacts that will turn into sales.
Marketing Minute: Targeting
Video number three provides an overview of a brand's importance in building a successful business.
Marketing Minute: Branding
This fourth video explores the why's and how's of reaching the right people with the right message.
Marketing Minute: Branding
Discover the ideas, products and services that’ll help your business thrive.
Marketing Minute: Branding
This special, local event presents new opportunities for learning, growth and success.