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Laser Forms

Put marketing first.

Your company image is an important asset. Printing on plain paper compromises your brand. Promote your brand and boost sales by showcasing products and services on your preprinted forms.

Laser form

Strengthen Your Brand

Include your logo, company colors and Web address for a consistent, professional image.

Increase Sales

List your products and services to improve customer awareness and grow sales. Why not reference a specific promotion?

Save Time

Less toner speeds processing and perforations make folding forms easier.

Speed Cash Flow

Preprinted color forms stand out in the mail and encourage quicker payments.

Save Money

Use up to 10 times less toner, reduce printer wear and maintenance. Added up, preprinted forms cost less than plain paper and toner.
Disadvantages of Plain Paper

No brand image

No perforations

Increased toner usage — more time to print

Wasted space — no opportunity for free advertising

Plain, white paper is often overlooked and slows payments

Plain forms weaken
your brand image.

Our laser or continuous forms are compatible with all major accounting software such as Quicken® and QuickBooks®.