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Get creative and get results.

Not that many years ago, direct marketing experts would have told you that a campaign's effectiveness was determined by the “40-40-20” rule (success based 40% on the list, 40% on the offer and 20% on creative elements).

Today, the usage of direct marketing has increased dramatically, so that formula has necessarily changed. Success is now based on the “1/3 - 1/3 - 1/3” rule.

Which simply means that the creative is equally important to helping you cut through the clutter, stand out from the competition and get real results. Here’s how to make it work for you:

Hire a creative design pro
Amateurish design does nothing to attract attention or spur recipients to action. That’s why it’s so important to put the look and feel of your direct marketing in the skilled hands of a design professional. It’ll go a long way toward engaging your audience, delivering your message, generating response, and properly positioning your company.

Ditch the dull copy
Just as important as the look and feel of your direct marketing is what it says and how it says it. Research shows that 77% of recipients sort through their mail immediately, so you only have a few seconds to be fascinating.1 Dull, unexciting copy won’t grab and hold your audience.

Also, a good direct response copywriter can help you word things in ways that get the best results. Consider this offer, presented three different ways:

1. Half price
2. Buy one — get one free
3. 50 percent off

Each statement conveys the same offer, but #2 pulled 40 percent better than #1 or #3. Because of the way it was worded, consumers perceived offer #2 to be the most attractive.2

Push benefits, not just features
Features are simply the cold, hard facts about your product or service (size, color, appearance, usability), while benefits state what it does for the customer (makes money, saves time, reduces work, etc.) Make sure your copy clearly and creatively tells readers how your product or service will affect their lives and how they’ll benefit from using it.

Give every execution a call to action
Once you’ve created a desire for your product or service, wrap things up with a compelling call to action. Tell your prospects or customers exactly what you want them to do — log on, call toll free, complete and return, etc. Just don’t leave them in the dark about how to respond. If you do, they won’t take action. And your creative direct marketing execution ends up being not very creative — or effective — at all.

Start getting creative with a FREE consultation
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2Stone, Bob. Successful Direct Marketing Methods. McGraw-Hill, 2007.