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Nonprofit Organization

When founded in 2012, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization that teaches adult seniors how to use current technology certainly had the plan, the people and the ability to deliver on its educational mission. What it didn't have was an image.

In stepped the local Safeguard consultant, who assessed the situation and then engaged Creativ, Safeguard's in-house design studio, to create a logo, along with business cards, a brochure, a trade show banner, tote bags, stylus pens and more.

Today, that organization has a real presence in the marketplace, thanks to a professionally-designed logo and useful, branded materials that attract attention and keep the organization top of mind.

No matter the life stage of your business — whether you're just starting out and need help getting on your feet or if you've been around awhile and want to rejuvenate your brand — your Safeguard consultant has the products, services and expertise you need to succeed.

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