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Local Hairstyling Salon

The owner of a local hairstyling salon had a reliable clientele and was doing well enough, but — like any business owner — he wanted to realize his full potential. He knew that meant attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones, but he wasn’t quite sure how to do it.

So he called his Safeguard consultant, who recommended a direct mail campaign targeted to customers and prospects in nearby neighborhoods. Safeguard provided not only the printing of high-quality color postcards, but helped coordinate their timely delivery as well.

Over the past year, six thousand postcards a month were mailed to neighborhoods within five miles of the salon, providing coupons for specials and introductory offers. On average, 202 coupons were redeemed each month, leading to a substantial increase in business and profit

Are you open to more sales opportunities in your neighborhood? Contact your Safeguard consultant today to learn more about direct mail marketing.

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