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The Queen's Kitchen

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At a meeting for a local networking group, a Safeguard Consultant in Pennsylvania met Cynthia Jones who, while working full time as a business manager for a dental office, opened in her home a sweets and confections business called The Queen's Kitchen. Jones started her business as a part-time endeavor and was looking for help in managing and marketing her business.

The Safeguard Consultant first set Jones up with a check system to help organize her records. The consultant then began working with her on how to increase her brand recognition and market the business. After reviewing the printed pieces Jones was using to promote The Queen's Kitchen, the consultant suggested that, in order to present a stronger, more professional brand image, she may want to consider redesigning her logo.

With the help of the consultant and Safeguard's graphic design services, Jones now has a new full-colour logo, which she has used to update her business cards and the labels she uses for her product descriptions and ingredients. Jones was so excited about getting her new look out into the public view that she registered for a booth at a local trade show. She continued to build and strengthen her brand at the trade show with sell sheets and a banner that featured her new logo.

The trade show was a great success — not only did it help Jones get her business in front of the community, but she also was able to get some ideas for packaging her products. The consultant helped Jones incorporate her new logo into gift-wrap ribbon, and they are working on the package design to offer her products at retail stores. She also plans to introduce promotional apparel at future trade shows.

Since their chance meeting, Jones' business has tripled and she has gone from full time to part time in the dental practice, spending more time doing what she loves!

"Since I began working with my Safeguard Consultant on my branding and logo, my business has been transformed. I take my banner to trade shows and I build the booth around the banner. It really projects who I am and what my company provides.

My Safeguard Consultant has been instrumental in looking at the whole picture and supported my efforts to tie the business cards and sell sheets into the look and feel of my business.

I could not have had a better experience working with my Safeguard Consultant and his staff at Safeguard. They held my hand through the entire process and have helped me become more successful at growing my business."

Cynthia Jones
The Queen's Kitchen
Satisfied Safeguard Customer

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