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Financial Planner and Adviser Company

Planning an annual seminar can be a challenge. Everything must be considered from where to hold the event and how to promote it, to finding the most memorable attendee gifts. That’s where Safeguard comes in. In the early stages of their annual seminar sponsorship preparation, a financial planning company invited its Safeguard consultant to stop by and discuss their seminar guidebook. Fortunately, the conversation went much further than that! And it presented a perfect opportunity for the consultant to ask questions and learn more about the financial planning company’s needs.

Convenience, Knowledge & Experience
As they talked, the consultant better understood the complexity of the event and how several steps could be simplified. Countless hours were unnecessarily spent coordinating the shipment of event materials from multiple sources. Before the discussion concluded, the consultant was able to recommend improvements and help find ways to consolidate some of the tasks needed for event preparation. Not only did Safeguard’s proposal include seminar guidebook production, but also custom branded promotional items. Water bottles, laptop bags and coffee cup gift packs were all created to build a consistent image and present a professional appearance. These valuable attendee gifts, along with an 8' x 8' vinyl banner touting the event, arrived safely at the seminar location, putting tricky logistics and time-consuming coordination in the hands of an experienced Safeguard consultant.

Water bottles, laptop bags, coffee cup baskets